SAFETY Instructions

Safety Rules For Steel Targets

  • Always follow all firearms safety rules at all times when shooting.
  • Always use certified eye protection (ANSI Z87.1) with side shields.
  • Always wear ear protection.
  • Pistol Distance: 10 yards minimum distance from the target; Maximum 1,500 fps lead ammo
    NOTE: IDPA Rule 2.15 requires steel targets be engaged at 10 yards or more.
  • Rifle Distance: 100 yards minimum distance from the target; Maximum 3,000 fps. Ideal bullet speed is below 2,850 fps to avoid pitting.  If pitting occurs- Increase your distance.
  • Recommended bullet speed is generally below 2,850 fps at the target to avoid pitting; If a bullet leaves a mark, increase your distance from the target.
  • Not for use for calibers larger than the .30 class.
  • Research your Gun and Ammo! It is the user responsibility to understand bullet speed, ballistics, and material.
  • Do not shoot armor-piercing, steel core/steel jacket, solid copper bullets, or other hardened bullets.
  • Do not modify plate or Weld.
  • Shoot steel targets straight on, not at steep angles. Steep angles can allow bullets can deflect in many uncontrollable directions.
  • Bullet fragments and projectiles may splatter
  • ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS angle the target downward toward the ground to ensure bullet splatter is directed towards the ground.
  • NEVER mount or install targets with a Rigid mount. The target must be able to freely move to help absorb the energy from the bullet and deflect properly.
  • The surface under the targets should be able to absorb the bullet fragments.
  • NEVER place targets above or on hard surfaces-Doing so can allow bullets to ricochet off that surface after hitting target.
  • Watch for ricochets! Bullets can deflect and go in unknown and unpredictable directions. Most of the lead and copper rounds fragment and deflect at 20 degrees.
  • Bullet lead splatter may be hot; do not use in dry grass due to fire risk.
  • Shoot at longer distances to prevent damage to the target.
  • Most of the lead and copper rounds fragment and deflect at 20 degrees,
  • Always wear safety glasses and setup target in safe location and distance.
  • Never Shoot BBs, pellets, or Air Soft at thicker targets, since they do not have sufficient force to splatter and will bounce back.
  • Shoot frangible ammo on steel to generate less fragmentation.
  • If the target becomes bent, cratered or damaged in any way, replace it.
  • Shoot steel targets at your own risk
  • If it does not seem safe- it’s probably NOT- Don’t do anything stupid!!!
  • Maintain safe distances from targets and stands should target fall at any time before, during, or after use. Targets are HEAVY!
  • Targets, Mounts, Stands and / or other equipment may have or develop sharp edges- use proper caution and protective equipment (ex. Gloves) when handling.   
  • It is your responsibility to adhere to all safety guidelines set forth by Solid Sporting Supply LLC, the NRA, and your firearms and ammo manufacturer.
  • Protect Yourself, Others, and Physical Property that may be affected while shooting.


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